I started producing Love to Print beginners printmaking kits to share my love of printmaking. The lino printing kit offers everything you need to get started. It’s a great way of investing in good quality basics which get the job done. The kit offers both traditional hessian backed lino and newer softer vinyl blocks as well as test blocks to see what suits you best. It can be purchased from etsy and ebay for £30 plus postage.

Kit contains: 1 x 10cm roller, 1 set Abig german made lino cutters (5 blades, 1 wooden handle); 2 x 7.5cm x 10 cm test blocks; 1 10x 15cm vinyl block; 1 x 10x 15cm traditional grey lino block; 50ml tube waterbased black block printing ink; 20 sheets A5 japanese printing paper; 1 x A4 size non slip mat; comprehensive instruction sheet; 2 x A5 tracing paper; 1 x A5 white carbon paper