I use polystyrene tile printing quite a lot with students.  Although most people associate them with preschool art classes and pizza bases I find them a great way to introduce the concept of relief printing and layering.  With teaching lino printing in college I have to factor in several lessons of planning and sometimes unsuccessful cutting (basic red lino cutters + frustrated teenagers are never a good combination) only to find students can lose interest in their design once printed if it doesn’t turn out great first time.  Polytiles are affordable enough to allow students to create several tiles and experiment with simple layering in different combinations particularly if using geometric and pattern based designs.   Registering multiple tiles – using face down registration – simple stick the second tile face down onto the first print, flip the paper and tile over carefully and burnish the back of the paper to transfer ink to paper. 

Layering prints helps develop an understanding of colour mixing and plates can be cut into shapes with a guillotine, sharp scalpel or scissors.  I’ve done successful workshops with students from age 6 up to 18


If you haven't tried polystyrene block printing before or don't know where to buy the supplies my block printing and card making kit has everything you need to get started.  On sale on my etsy shop http://etsy.me/2BaY93k or ebay.co.uk for £22 plus p+p.  The quality materials can be used time and again for other craft projects too. 

Kit contains: 

1 10cm roller
2 50ml tubes colour water based printing ink (red & turquoise)
1 mark making tool with 3 changeable heads
5 A6 polystyrene tiles
5 225gsm blank white greeting cards & envelopes
25 A5 sheets coloured paper
Detailed Instruction sheet
Packaged in a brown box measuring
17 x 22 x 5cm, covered with a colourful box wrap printed in digital watercolour paper for a quality look and feel.